European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards


Best Protein Bar

Protein bars are one of the most prolific products within the sports nutrition market. Easy to consume, convenient and often tasty, many consumers consume protein bars before and after exercise to maximise the impact of their exercise.

The best protein bar award will take into account the effectiveness of the product, the branding, appearance, ingredients, compliance and sustainability. Amongst the many protein bars in the sports nutrition market, does your company’s bar come above the cream of the crop?



Judges will base their scores on your evidence to demonstrate:

  • A legitimate consumer demand or need for the protein bar
  • Solid evidence to demonstrate the success of the product – this may include data to quantify any performance or health claims made
  • A good range of examples of applications of the product
  • Commercial success and engagement from your core target market/s. This may include numbers and examples of sales and applications that are available in the market.
  • How your protein bar is unique and stands out from the crowd.