European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards


Best Sports Nutrition Ingredient

Without ingredients, sports nutrition products wouldn’t exist. This award aims to celebrate the best ingredients dedicated to improving performance, boosting recovery, or aiding endurance.

All ingredients specifically designed for and marketed with sports nutrition applications in mind are eligible for entry into this award. We welcome  suppliers who work within the nutrition industry supporting key players with innovative ingredients, quality and regulatory support, helping ensure the industry grows with integrity and guaranteeing a secure, quality assured supply chain for manufactures and their customers.


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Judges will look at how your ingredient meets a specific consumer or sports nutritional performance need and will base their scores on your evidence to demonstrate:

  • A consumer demand, performance problem or athletic requirement
  • Solid evidence to demonstrate a unique nutritional solution to this need or problem using your ingredient – including evidence to back up any performance or health claims made
  • Commercial success and engagement from your target market in the industry
  • What makes your sports nutrition ingredient stands out from the rest