European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards


Best Sports Nutrition Product

While there are many different sports nutrition products out there that are targeted towards different groups of consumers and respond to different dietary trends, the aim of all these products is the same: to help people achieve their exercising goals and health objectives.

The best sports nutrition product will therefore be one that improves performance, boosts recovery or aids endurance, while maintaining overall well-being and complementing the nutrition of active consumers.

Entries for this category must demonstrate how they take cutting edge science and combine that with a vision on consumers’ needs with a view to develop the optimal sports nutrition product that supports consumers in their sport activities.


Judges will look at the overall success of your sports nutrition product in every sense and will base their scores on your evidence to demonstrate:

  • A legitimate consumer demand or need for the product
  • Solid evidence to demonstrate a perfectly designed solution to this need or problem with optimal success – this may include data to quantify any performance or health claims made
  • An excellent range of examples of applications of the product
  • Commercial success and high levels of engagement from your core target market/s. This may include numbers and examples of sales and applications that are available in the market.
  • How your sports nutrition product is unique and stands out from the crowd in its innovation, and why it deserves the title of best nutrition sports product.