European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards


Best Targeted Sports Nutrition Product – Women

Despite major participation in exercise and sports, female athletes generally have access to sports nutrition products designed for men—or, at best, for the broad population—and based on research conducted mainly on men. They are therefore often faced with a choice of sports nutrition products that are not always physiologically suited for them. Furthermore, female and male athletes often have different exercise goals.

Entries for this category must demonstrate that their product is formulated based women’s anatomy, biology, physiology and biochemistry in order to provide them with nutrition that corresponds to the specifications of the female body. Entries are encouraged to provide supporting materials to back their claims.


Judges will look at your efforts to target your product to women and will base their scores on your evidence to demonstrate:

  • A legitimate consumer demand or need for women
  • Solid evidence to demonstrate a successful solution to this need or problem – this may include data to quantify any performance or health claims made
  • A good range of examples of applications of the product
  • Commercial success and engagement from the female market. This may include numbers and examples of sales and applications that are available in the market.
  • How your sports nutrition product is unique and stands out from the crowd