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European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards


Most Sustainable Company

In recent years, demand for more sustainable products has skyrocketed in the sports nutrition sector. Similarly, sustainability has also moved to the top of the agenda for policymakers in the EU and UK with new legislation designed to involve businesses in the transition to more sustainable food systems. So investing in sustainability is one of the main drivers for growth and innovation in our sector.  

This award recognises companies who has excelled in their efforts to transition to a more sustainable business, from a packaging and an ethical sourcing of raw materials to an energy efficiency and carbon emission’s reduction perspective.  


  1. Tell us about your company background 
  2. What do you produce? What are your best-selling products? 
  3. What’s your company vision, what do you stand for?
  4. Tell us about your efforts and/or timeframes to transition to a more sustainable business model (please feel free to provide any evidence/concrete examples to support your claims). 
  5. What sets you apart from other companies/brands in the industry?
  6. What are your exciting plans for the future?