European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards


Post-Workout Product

If active consumers don’t recover properly after exercise, their ability to make progress toward their physical goals will be severely restricted. Products that are designed to optimise recovery during the period of time immediately following a workout make up a large percentage of the sports nutrition market.

The post-workout product award looks to celebrate the most successful sports nutrition product to access consumers looking to ensure that their muscles recover properly after a workout.


Judges will base their scores on your evidence to demonstrate:

  • A legitimate consumer demand or need for the product
  • Solid evidence to demonstrate the success of the post-workout product – this may include data to quantify any performance or health claims made
  • A good range of examples of applications of the product
  • Commercial success and engagement from your core target market/s. This may include numbers and examples of sales and applications that are available in the market.
  • How your post-nutrition product is unique and stands out from the crowd.