European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards



The judges process is extremely robust and ensures a fair competition. The judges for each category will be looking to make an assessment based on the following elements:

  • Impact and innovation.  Demonstrates significant, positive, tangible impact to the industry
  • Efficiency. Adheres to the requirement of delivering an efficient operation, demonstrating how this has been achieved
  • Consumer engagement. Takes consumer needs into account and acts as a voice of the customer.
  • Commercially aware. Recognises and contributes to the success of the business by acting responsively to commercial needs
  • Process improvement.  Ability to demonstrate a structured approach to improving processes
  • Compliance. Demonstrates has the right set of controls and measures in place


Charlotte Henshaw

Nick Morgan

Shane Starling

Cedric Bourges

Drew Price

Anna Sward

Dr Astrid Stuckelberger

Dr Adam Carey

Viviana Spaghetti

Ewa Hudson

Shona McCallin

Ross Austen

Jenna Downing

Mark Gilbert

Claudia Mucciardi

Ian Craig

Luca Bucchini

More judges to be announced soon