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European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards



The 2023 ESSNawards is proudly sponsored by

Informed Sport

Informed Sport and the INFORMED family of certifications are part of LGC ASSURE which brings together four leading brands to provide a connected series of supply chain assurance solutions across critical touchpoints, with a focus on the manufacturing, laboratory, ingredients and nutritional supplements sectors. Developed in 2008, Informed Sport is the only third-party global banned substance testing and certification programme that tests every single batch of a certified product prior to being sold. When an athlete sees the Informed Sport logo on a product, they can be assured it has been tested for more than 250 prohibited substances and manufactured to high quality standards. Informed Sport has certified over 3,000 unique products sold in over 130 countries globally.

Kinetica Sports

The team behind Kinetica Sports is on a mission to get consumers safely to their goal through a best-selling product range – including protein, creatine, hydration and wellbeing products – that is WADA batch tested and Informed Sport approved. The brand recognises that everyone, from the marathon runner to the weekend footballer, the gym goer to the triathlete – has a ‘why’ – the reason they do what they do. Using their vast expertise and tried-and-tested formulas, Kinetica drives that extra one percent that so often delivers a personal best and podium results.